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Got a song stuck in your head?

Post here to help ID that Song!

Song Identification Community
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Welcome to LiveJounal's Song Identification Community!

This community is to help each other identify songs that get stuck in our heads, and we don't know the artist/title! Radio oftentimes forgets to mention the song/artist, so here's where we can help.

1) Courtesy. No obsessive hating on people's choice of music. This is simply a place to ID songs, not critique others' opinions.
2) In order to have your song ID'd accurately, name as many details as you can. Including memorable lyrics, where you heard it (what genre station), is it in a particular commercial/tv show? did you hear it during a movie? Things like that.
3) Comments should include suggestions for what the song's ID is, including Artist name/Track Title/Album.
4) Please try to review the community to see if the song has been posted before asking the question.
5)Spammers/Rule-Breakers/General assholes will be banned.

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